Symptoms of Transmission Problems

The transmission is a critical part of the drive system of your vehicle. A transmission failure typically means the car cannot be driven until the transmission is repaired or replaced. The transmissions manual and automatic share many of the same symptoms that indicate a problem or malfunction in the transmission. Be alert for early warning signs can help you avoid costly repairs and safety risks.

Failed changes gears

A sudden or abrupt change gear to feel is the most common indicator of problems in the transmission, and can be as important to fix as a broken windshield.

A liquid of dark or dirty transmission is another key to power transmission problems, but does not imply an impending catastrophe.

Small stains or drops of fluid under your vehicle may not be a problem, but if there are wet spots and puddles immediate attention is required. Use the car with low transmission fluid zero level or a surefire way to end up having to replace it.

A rhythmic sound, heavy percussion, may indicate problems in the transmission. A grinding sound when changing gear is another indicator of problems.

Slippage occurs when the engine accelerates but the car does not respond properly. It is a sign of a defective transmission.

A delayed or absent response to changing gear is a sure indicator that your transmission is broken or is breaking down.